Africa Climate Summit 2023

Africa particularly faces severe climate-related challenges, including drought, desertification, flood events, and increasing landslides leading to displacement, migration, food crises and, death. The continent is also disproportionately affected by the global temperature rise and is projected to experience escalating physical climate risks.

Additionally, African governments’ limited ability to respond to the climate crisis due to debt-distress and economic shocks necessitates urgent action to provide debt relief and increased liquidity. It is

crucial to shift the narrative away from a division between the Global North and the Global South in addressing the climate crisis. Collaboration and collective action are vital for all nations to combat climate change effectively. Africa is ready to contribute to global decarbonization efforts by leveraging its abundant resources, including renewable energy, critical minerals, agricultural potential, and natural capital. By harnessing these assets, Africa can drive its own green growth and support global renewable energy needs. The continent also offers a range of investment opportunities for global capital to promote decarbonization and local economic development.

Focusing on the theme: “Driving Green Growth and Climate Finance Solutions for Africa and the World”, The inaugural Africa Climate Summit 2023 will convene during the Africa Climate Week from 4-6 September 2023 in Nairobi Kenya, bringing together leaders and investors from Africa and beyond to share experiences and solutions for a sustainable, resilient Africa. The event aims to champion a positive, climate-compatible vision for Africa. Sessions will focus on adaptation and resilience, renewable energy and sustainable development, and financing for climate action. Leaders will be called upon to make ambitious pledges and commitments. A comprehensive “Pledging and Commitment Framework” will be developed to guide these actions. By embracing ambitious ideas and making bold commitments, we have the opportunity to turn the tide on climate change, not only in Africa but also globally.

Climate action indeed requires such partnerships and synergies if we are to meet our carbon targets and particularly enhance our adaptive capacities. While governments and multilateral institutions play a central role, civil society and local communities also have vital contributions to make.

Civil society, especially women and youth, ensures accountability, efficiency, and a science-based focus in climate action. Local and indigenous communities provide invaluable perspectives, ensuring sustainable and just development pathways align with their needs.

We as the Action for Climate Change and Environmental Conservation (ACCEC) believe that this a step in the right direction for the continent and the world at large. We support this cause and we look forward to attending this summit particularly the Africa Youth Climate Assembly (side event) that will take place from the 1st to 3rd September 2023 where we shall amplify our voices as the youth so that we stand to be counted !!