On our journey to net zero and achievement of #SDG13, we must provide alternative source of cooking fuel to charcoal users to curb deforestation in an effort to mitigate climate change.

Embracing entrepreneurial innovation and start-ups in line with waste to energy, we have managed to make briquettes from bio-waste materials to reduce charcoal usage in our communities both rural and urban.

‘’Butonde Briquettes Project’’ is implemented by #ACCEC with funding from #Yimuka Pamoja. We make briquettes which can be used by heavy users of charcoal and fuel wood like; schools, hotels, restaurants and households. The purpose of the grant was to reduce the number of trees cut and foster entrepreneur start-ups in line with waste to energy. Its implemented in Masaka and Lwengo districts.

The project targets to reduce a minimum of 75 tonnes of carbon emissions every year, create decent jobs #SDG8, train communities to enjoy affordable and clean energy #SDG7 and ultimately reduce poverty #SDG1. Having youth actively involved and putting women at the fore front is key in achievement of #SDG5.