Climate change

Through massive publicity and awareness campaigns Here various platforms and or channels will be used to disseminate information about the scourge as well as capacity building. Eg; radio and TV channels, places of worship, public gatherings and organised community engagements

Tree planting

Through plant 10 before you cut 1 campaign, all the lost trees will be compensated by the responsible individuals. At least each house hold should plant one fruit tree, indigenous tree (musizi) and one medicinal tree (moringa, nim tree)

Renewable energy

Through providing alternative sources of fuel to reduce man’s dependency on trees This will involve the use of Bio-gas for those who have animals, solar power and briskets for those in the urban settlements.

Environment protection and conservation

Through preservation of wetlands, controlled usage and proper disposal of polythene bags and plastic materials.  Adoption of reusable sanitary towels for the adolescents especially school going as well as adult women.

Agricultural participation

Through training different farmers’ groups on the modern farming techniques. By embracing organic farming where herbicides and pesticides are not used on our farms. Use of improved plants and seeds that give high yields. Modern urban farming techniques for vegetables in a small space as well as post harvesting handling.